A map of other free universities around the world

How_to_Start_a_Free_University a User Manual by Melbourne Free University

Academies and Free Schools – a mythbuster by Red Pepper

Alternative Societies – Professor Luke Martell

Phenomenology of Perception  – Reading material from Matt Lee’s Philosophy Course

History of Labour Movement by Terry McCarthy

History of the Labour Party Myth and Reality  by Terry McCarthy

Crime, Punishment and Inequality  by Carlie Goldsmith

Teaching Good Habits of Learning – by Lizzie Overton (En-liven Ed)

A critical analysis of the media by John Medhurst

Women – the greatest story never told by Ali Ghanimi

The Vietnam War A brief history by John Medhurst

Trade Unions and Environmentalism by John Medhurst

Shock resistance-Privatisation and its alternatives by John Medhurst

Be Outraged, There are Alternatives – a pamphlet on the impact of, and solutions to the global economic crisis

Interpreting the Crisis: Hall & Massey – Doreen Massey and Stuart Hall discuss ways of understanding the current (neo-liberal) crisis.

Link to recordings of courses at the Melbourne Free University

History Women Brighton Blog by Louise Peskett

Sarah Forbes Bonnetta by Brighton & Hove Black History

Sisterhood and After: An oral history of the women’s liberation movement

Jayaben Desai and the Grunwick Strike ‘Hidden Herstories’

Claudia Jones ‘Hidden Herstories’

Equality and Human Rights by Lucy Finchett-Maddock