Please read the notes below the calendar.

This is a shared calendar showing ALL classes run as part of the freegree.

Please note, there is currently some bug occurring if you click through to Google Calendar by using the + sign at the bottom right.  We’re currently trying to sort this out, in the meantime the contents of THIS page are checked and correct.  More details of each class will pop up if you click on the item in the calendar above.  You should be able to save the items to your own calendar as well as checking what’s on.

If you click on the + sign at the bottom right it will take you to an expanded Google Calendar view.  There you will see that classes are (kind of) colour coded as follows – Blue=1st year Humanities and Social Sciences, Green=Philosophy, Lilac/Purple=2nd Year Humanities and Social Sciences, Light Blue/Turquoise=University wide workshops.

If you are a facilitator looking to add or amend a class then you should be able to do this in the expanded Google Calendar view.  (Note to facilitators – please be sensible, don’t make major alterations without good reason – if in doubt check with others on Ryver.)

Any issues (there’s bound to be some) email matt as per usual.