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Women: The Greatest Story Never Toldsearch

Sheila Rowbotham famously observed that the lives and experiences of most working-class women have been ‘hidden from history’ and that we need to know our past to understand how we are are moulded and conditioned by it.

It is the past which holds the clues to the subordinate position of women, “the narrowly defined female role, the attitudes towards women and the low self-esteem in which so many women hold themselves”. The earlier age of industrial society, for example, can help us understand why women’s work has been evaluated as worth less than men’s. More importantly, as Rowbotham asserts, “if a woman’s role can be shown to be socially constructed within a specific historical context, rather than natural and universal, it can be challenged and open to change.”

In this one-off workshop you’ll learn about extraordinary women who are ‘hidden from history’. From the earliest humans to modern day, you’ll get a glimpse into cultural practices from the past that have shaped how we behave, how we regard ourselves and how others see us today.

Facilitator: Ali Ghanimi

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and contributions. People of all genders welcome.

Whitehawk Inn is an accessible venue and has a cafe on site.


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