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Why the one you fancy never fancies you, or, the chemistry of love.

Organised by Philosophy in Pubs  

At the Palmeira Pub, Cromwell Road · Hove

Love – An intense feeling of deep affection; a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone;a great interest and pleasure in something; a score of zero.
Definitions from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Who am I really? Who are you?

Is it really our parents who f**k us up?

Where does our sense of identity arise from?

If we don’t know ourselves, how can we look for love or bring it to somebody else?

Do we choose our paths of love wisely or are we just rocked around on a sea far from tranquillity, but still affected by the moonlight?

Do men and women understand each other?

Are we just slaves to our hormones?

Are we liable one day to find our one perfect partner, or is Hollywood selling us short?

Do we cheat to escape a ritualised bond of marriage or other promises?

Can we ever escape from the helter-skelter to something different with somebody new?

What scientific explanations can we find for this madness in our lives?

What is this thing called love?

There are a few quotes below on the subject, to get us thinking. Most of all enjoy the discussion, both talking and listening and look after each other.

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