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6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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What is feminism? – a Brains at the Bevy Talk

6pm on 25th April at The Bevy Community Pub
Speaker: Arianne Shahvisi, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

What is Feminism? Who is it for?

Not only is gender a source of struggle for women, so too are race and class. This talk introduces the idea of “intersectionality,” which simply means that feminists should consider the many different, interlinked ways in which people are affected by the way our society operates. This teaches us that when we campaign for justice in society, we should always ensure that the most vulnerable groups are our first priority.

Brains at the Bevy talks are a series of short and enlightening talks from local academics organised by The University of Brighton CUPP programme and hosted by the Bevy Community Pub

Future Brains at the Bevy Talks

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27th June Olu Jenzen – The People’s Pier – Regeneration, community, and popular culture heritage 

18th July Helen Johnson – How the Arts Can Change the World (Again) 

5th September Dawn Scott – Urban mammals: what happens in your garden after dark?

26h September Tara Dean – Food allergy: facts and fiction

24th October, Nick Gant –  Sole Searching – Shoes and stories of our modern material culture.

28th November, Neil Singh – How to save our NHS

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