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images1Convention encourages us to think that the process of teaching and learning is largely one of acquiring or imparting skills and knowledge.  However, developing a strong set of what we might call ‘learning habits’ is also critical for successful, life-long learning.  The habit of curiosity for example helps us to go deeper in to our own understanding and to remain open to continuous learning, and the habit of experimentation helps us to uncover the potential in something and to learn from our mistakes.

With reference to a broad range of inspirational research, writing and practice, this workshop gives teachers of all kinds the opportunity to reflect on how they can support students to develop strong learning habits alongside specific skills and knowledge.  We take the opportunity to look at our own habits of learning and to understand how the teacher’s role model as learner can be a powerful tool in the teaching process.

This workshop is facilitated by former headteacher and founder of Enliven Education, Lizzie Overton (for more information go to www.enliven-ed.com).

Lizzie “manages to draw out our own wisdom and understanding.” Stephanie Davies-Arai – Trainer ‘Communicating with Kids’

Lizzie “has rare vision and insight into education, and I believe my future career in teaching is deeply enriched from knowing her, and I certainly wouldn’t be the teacher I am now without her.”  Faustina Walter, Teacher

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