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Upper Hollingdean Road
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10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Thinking Sociologically and the Sociology of Thinking

Facilitator Lambros Fatsis

10.30am – 1pm Saturdays on 20 & 27 January 2018

What does ‘thinking sociologically’ mean, how is it done, and how does it differ from

other ways or modes of thinking? Is it useful, meaningful and possible even? If so,

how so? If not, why not? Also, is there such a thing as ‘a’ or

‘the’ Sociology of Thinking? What does it entail, who does it include, and what is its

purpose, aim, or audience? Intrigued by those questions, these two sessions on

‘Thinking Sociologically and the Sociology of Thinking’ examine the usefulness,

relevance, merits, and shortcomings of sociological thought by defending it as a

uniquely imaginative, playful, challenging, and pluralistic endeavour, rather than a

simple perspective from which to view the social world around us. Both sessions are

designed to join the dots, make links, but also highlight differences

between Sociology and the other disciplines that feature in our degree in Social Science and Humanities (Criminology, Philosophy, Economics, Politics, Psychology).

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