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…or, all you wanted to know about the universe but were too afraid to ask.
Most people think Physics is hard and say they didn’t enjoy or understand it at school. While it can be a demanding subject, for the following reasons, it is also a fascinating one.
1) Physics often deals with the very small or the incredibly big, things that are difficult, if not impossible, to visualise in our heads. This is one of its challenges.
2) Physics is often counter-intuitive, it doesn’t make sense. Everyone ‘knows’ that heavy things fall faster than light ones, don’t they? How can an electron be in two places at once?
3) Physics is a mathematically rigorous subject, we do sums!
With the help of some cool experiments and demonstrations, this introductory workshop aims to tackle these issues head on and give you a view of the universe that you didn’t have before.
The workshop will be facilitated by Colin Piper, whose mission in life is to switch people on to Physics who have been turned off it in the past. He has been teaching Physics for over 20 years, most recently with the Institute of Physics as a Teaching and Learning Coach. Colin works with pupils, teachers and trainee teachers in order to improve pupil’s experiences of Physics and encourage more of them to study it at A level and beyond.
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