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Mojo: How to make a video on your mobile phone


When? 1-4pm on Fridays for 6 consecutive weeks from 11 November to  16 December
Where? 17 Portland Street, Brighton BN1 1RN.
Mojo is video journalism done with only a mobile phone. The word is a merging of mobile phone and journalism. Mojos shoot, interview, edit, narrate and add titles with only a smartphone, and then an exclusive piece of video is transmitted from the field to the audience. 
The YouTube blog reports that more than 600 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. That’s at least 864,000 hours of video a day. Facebook claims to screen 100 million hours a day of video on its site, but this number is questionable. Most of the content on Facebook and YouTube is rubbish.

If you want your video to stand out you must make a quality product. To do that you need to be able to shoot, edit and script in a professional way. This course teaches you how to make professional videos with only an iOS device, and focuses on the power of unique footage, quality script and narration, and sophisticated editing to create compelling content.

Why the iPhone?

This course is about producing quality video. The essence of quality is compression and selection. It’s as much about what you leave out as what you include. To make quality video you must edit your raw footage professionally. Devices with iOS are the only ones with apps that allow two tracks for video editing, which is vital for quality editing.

Note: Students will need an iOS device (preferably iPhone with the iMovie app installed).

Bio of the teacher

Stephen Quinn runs MOJO Media Insights, based in Brighton. He teaches people how to make broadcast-quality videos with only iOS devices, and shows media companies how to recycle content to make money via iBooks. Dr Quinn was a journalist in five countries from 1975-95 for some of the world’s best-known media companies, before becoming a journalism educator. He returned to journalism full time in 2011 and makes mojo videos when he’s not teaching. Dr Quinn has written 24 print books and four digital books. In the past decade he has given almost 200 presentations on the future of journalism in 38 countries. He has taught mojo skills to journalists in 17 countries since 2010. More about him can be found at his blog:https://sraquinn.org/mojo/

Note the course will be run in Stephen’s home so there is only space for 6 people on this course. Please ensure you book to secure a place.

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