The Bevy Pub
50 Hillside
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6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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Food allergy: facts and fiction

6pm 26th September at the Bevy Pub, 50 Hillside, Bevendean, Brighton

Tara Dean, University of Brighton

What exactly is food allergy? Is it increasing? What foods are we allergic to in UK? Are different people allergic to different food in different countries?  Are some food allergies more series than others? Come and listen to Professor Dean who has been studying food allergy for 30 years

Brains at the Bevy talks are a series of short and enlightening talks from local academics organised by The University of Brighton CUPP programme and hosted by the Bevy Community Pub


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24th October – Sole Searching – Shoes and stories of our modern material culture.

This interactive talk, based around pairs of shoes made of weird, wacky and wonderful waste materials will explore how we think and feel about the materials that make up the things we buy in the modern consumer age.

28th November – How to save our NHS The NHS has been struggling for decades — but was it doomed to fail, or has it been destroyed on purpose? We will zoom through a brief history of the NHS to understand how our health system got to be the way it is today, and what we can do to make it thrive and survive.

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