The Brunswick Pub
1-3 Holland Road
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7:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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article-2477634-1904E95000000578-560_964x603Extreme weather: What’s really going on?

Environment minister, Owen Paterson, assured us that climate change “is something we can adapt to over time and we are very good as a race at adapting.” But, as George Monbiot wrote recently, “if two months of severe weather almost sends the country into meltdown, who knows what four degrees of global warming will do?” Is this all a storm in a tea cup or time to wake up and smell the coffee?

The recent storms and floods have certainly devastated people’s lives around the country, but could this have been prevented and if so, how? What can planting more trees and dredging rivers really achieve in the scale of things, and how can we separate fact from fiction?

Join us for lively presentations and an informal discussion on recent weather events, climate change and how we should respond in Brighton and Hove.

Meet local people, environmental experts and politicians interested in the environment in the convivial surroundings of the Brunswick Pub.

Organised by Brighton and Hove Councillor Ruth Buckley.

All welcome.

There are no booking options for this event, you can probably just turn up, but please check the event description to check if there are alterntive booking options