Crew Club and surrounding fields
26 Coolham Drive
Date and time
12:00 PM to 4:30 PM
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urlimgres-1 Due East – Whitehawk Community Festival Discover, play and be entertained at this action-packed community festival in Whitehawk. Traditonal crafts, outdoor displays, exhibitions, live entertainment, stalls, food, games, sport and children’s activities. Fun for all ages from 12 – 4pm.   EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES searchArcheologyDiscover Whitehawk Camp, a 5,500 year-old neolithic site the size of 7 football pitches. The camp was home to Brighton’s earliest farming community and is older than Stonehenge! Experts from the Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project’  will brief you on the Camp’s archeology and ecology. Find out how the neolithic people lived, handle Stone Age objects & learn how to prepare a neolithic meal. Activities will be suitable for all ages. All welcome! More about Whitehakw Camp here. Laughter Yoga – understand and feel the amazing health benefits of laughter and learn easy tools to incorporate into your daily life to increase your wellbeing and happiness. imagesYarn bombing – have a go at this form of street art that uses colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn rather than paint or chalk. Technology drop in – get free help and advice on website security, using free software, downloading apps, using social media, blogging and much more. Traditional crafts – learn how to spin wool from sheep the traditional way and dye the wool using natural plant dyes. searchSamba Workshop – learn this latin dance and drumming originating from Bahia, Brazil. Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga – experience this ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing. Give your body and mind a well deserved boost.! Discover Whitehawk’s past from the Cultures Club audio history exhibition   2541166-300x204PLUS…. Explore your competitive edge with the various field games and sporting tournaments Take a little trip on the horse and trap – plus children’s pony rides Get acquainted with the Sheepcote valley sheep with Park Ranger Paul Take a spin at the Tea Dance See and hold the birds of prey and watch them in incredible flying displays Tickle your taste buds with a BBQ and food from around the world.

Download the festival’s site map from here.

There are no booking options for this event, you can probably just turn up, but please check the event description to check if there are alterntive booking options