Learning Resource Centre @ The City Clean Depot
Upper Hollingdean Road
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11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
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Ayurveda & daily rhythms: What a 5000+ year old health system can teach us about living well today

Did you know that our organs operate according to a clock? That’s right, everything from your liver to your skin has a clock! There’s a whole field of biology called chronobiology that is the study of the effect of day-night cycles on the human organism. Yet thousands of years ago, Ayurveda established the importance of alignment with the cycles of nature for human wellbeing, and how elements of nature uniquely combine in each person to shape their mind-body. Understanding these aspects and living accordingly can help us to thrive now and give ourselves the best chance of writing ourselves out of the story of hereditary and life-style related disease. Come learn more at this interactive event and leave with some actionable wisdom you can apply to your own life.
Shumaisa Khan coaches people in integrating daily habits from Ayurveda, leads workshops on culinary herbalism, nature connection, plant spirits, ecosocial (permaculture) design, and teaches the Edible Campus module at Brighton University. You can find more about her at shumaisa.weebly.com
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