Learning Resource Centre at the City Clean Depot
Upper Hollingdean Road
Date and time
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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A New Way of Thinking About Gender & Sexuality

When: 7-9.30pm Mondays 14 & 21 January, 2019
Where: Council’s Learning Resource Centre at the City Clean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton BN1 7GA (entrance is opposite the Hollingbury pub)
Facilitator Emily Humphreys
 We spend a lot of time talking about gender in relation to discrimination, as well we should. But do we consider ‘normal’ gender identity enough? In these sessions we will look at why the word ‘gender’ became popular and important in a very short space of time, and how that has come to have huge implications for personal identity in general.
Without a sense of personal identity we can hardly function in the world: is our gender identity the keystone of this? All societies arrange work in gendered ways; if we want to overcome this, what is lost and what is gained? How is our current society using gender roles to empower, control or oppress?
We will look at how gender identity impacts on humans’ self image, relationships, sex and sexuality and much more. We will also discover the age-old mistake we make in our language and thinking, which undermines our efforts to better understand each other – and ourselves.
Email to book: contact@freeuniversitybrighton.org