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Get in touch with us

First of all, you should contact us and let us know what sort of thing you’d like to teach. We’ll then set up a teacher account for you. With this account you’ll be able to post and edit events, including recurring events.

To post your event, go to ‘MENU/EVENTS/POST AN EVENT’



1: Add a title and description for your event

2: (optional) To associate files with your event, click on the ‘add media’ button. More on this below

3: Add the date and time

4: Enable registration if you’d like to know how many people are going to turn up. Available spaces can be set here.

5: Fill out the location address. A Google Map should appear showing the location. The marker can be moved if it’s not in the correct position. Give your location a name.

6: Assign your event to a category to allow it to be found easily.

To attach files to your event, after step 3 above:

1: Put cursor somewhere in your event description and click on ‘add media’, then in the insert media window, click upload ‘files’.

2: Browse for, or drag and drop file into upload areas. Give the file a name.

3: Click ‘insert into post’ at bottom of page. Then click ‘publish’ on the right hand side. That’s it!

Managing your events

To alter your events. Go to ‘EVENTS/MANAGE YOUR POSTED EVENTS’. Click on the event title which will take you to the edit event page.

If you want to contact users of the event, for example if you cancel the event or change event date/time, go to ‘EVENTS/MANAGE YOUR POSTED EVENTS’, then choose bookings from the left hand side menu. Click on event name underneath ‘events with bookings enabled‘. Then click button at the top of the page ’email all event participants’

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