Creating alternative education accessible to all, regardless of income. Providing space to think critically about the world and how it could be otherwise.

“The government does not owe the people education for the simple reason that one does not owe the people what it can take for itself. And education is like liberty: it is not given, it is taken.” – Jaques Rancière 

Why have a free university?

The massive increase in tuition fees,  government cuts and privatisation are putting education out of reach for many of us. Now, more than ever, we need free education for all regardless of ability to pay.

Free University Brighton is both a protest against the growing marketisation of education and a practical response. It is inspired by the free school movement of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, the 1960s Anti-university, the Occupy movement and other contemporary free universities around the world.  It aims to create more democratic educational experiences where teachers and students learn from each other. What’s on offer is decided by local people and placed into the heart the community by making use of existing public spaces.

How does it work?

FUB organises and publicises free educational events across the City. The aim is to grow an alternative education system that benefits us all, whoever we are, whatever our financial means.

What’s on offer?

Courses, practical workshops, introductory taster sessions, lectures, talks, discussion and debate… It could be any subject, at any level. Anything that enables us to think, develop, learn, enquire, question the world around us and, above all, explore how it could be different and better.

Where will it happen?

Anywhere in Brighton & Hove! Universities and colleges, public libraries, community centres, cafes, unused buildings, even caravans or bandstands! Infact, just about any building or space that people are willing to offer up  for the love of learning.

How can I get involved?

We need people who can teach, people who want to learn, people who can help spread the word, buildings and spaces suitable for learning, and ideas for courses and educational events – what would you like to see on offer?

“Here, no one teaches another, nor is anyone self-taught. People teach each other, mediated by the world.” – Paulo Freire